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Solar car project

local engineers and students joining forces to construct an efficient solar-powered vehicle

The Innovation Hangar Solar Car Program (iHSCP) is a student-community collaboration. Our goal is to build one of the world's most efficient solar powered cars and to race it against other solar car teams. Doing so, we will educate the next generation of students in science, engineering, efficiency, environment, leadership and teamwork. 

The iHSCP is unique. We will leverage the innovative spirit and the engineering and scientific expertise of the San Francisco Bay Area to achieve our goals. To this end, we will design and build almost every component of our car, including our electronic motor controller, data acquisition and telemetry system, carbon fiber body and chassis, wheels and suspension. In the process, we will develop strong and lasting relationships between community mentors and top Bay Area students.

We are still looking for motivated mentors and talented students to get involved with the project.