Make: Speaker Series

Microcontrollers, Inputs/Outputs

Please join us at the Maker Media Labs for our very first session of the Make: Speaker Series. In this event we will focus on tangible applications of inputs / outputs of microcontrollers and single board computers from small scale to large architecture and interactive sculpture.

2pm | Sam Brown – TechShop Instructor, Maker

Inputs / Outputs with Arduino. 30 project ideas in 30 minutes. Learn all about the wide world of inputs and outputs with Arduino while being thoroughly entertained by nerd banter. Talk followed by a short Q&A.

3pm | Sean Cusack – Sheet Metal Alchemist

Moving Static to Kinetic and Interactive Architecture. As technology advances, end use clients are demanding centerpieces and marketing pieces, which incorporate ever-increasing levels of movement and interactivity. Commonly, many of these projects are either scaled down or canceled due to cost or complexity. Sheet Metal Alchemist is a new breed of design build company which combines design, fabrication, electronics implementation, and installation under one roof to achieve these goals faster and within budget. During this talk, Sean Cusack, Lead Designer of Sheet Metal Alchemist will talk about the considerations and solutions for facing advanced design problems while using examples from our portfolio focused on Public Art, Architecture, and Experiential Marketing. Talk followed by a short Q&A.