Drone Sports World San Francisco Preview Party!

dSports World San Francisco

The West Coast’s premiere drone sports entertainment destination. Exclusive 2-day preview party, June 4-5th.

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Drone Racing & Cocktails
Sat. June 4th
10/per person
$30 VIP (free drink, snacks)

Family BBQ Drone Day
Sun, June 5th
11-4 PM

Open to public. Pilots need to register pre-event with q@aerialsports.tv ($10 fee)

Experience the thrills of drone racing up close while enjoying a tasty cocktail in SF’s newest hi-tech entertainment destination - dSports World Drone Racing at Innovation Hangar.  

Watch the world’s best pilots compete in 80mph head-to-head action.  Then strap on a pair of video goggles and take a few hot laps around the track in the “Drone Racing Ride Along Experience” and see exactly what the pilots see.  Take a spin on our virtual drone simulator, or learn to fly a real drone in our “fast flyer” drone training camp.  It’s a one-of-a-kind drone sports adventure that you and your friends will want to experience again and again.